Hey, Look at the Cookie

I sat down slowly.
Pencil in hand
love on a platter,
and thought about how
I may reach you
beyond, and deeper
than mere chatter,
convince you,
that the intricacies,
the struggle, the ache
you feel,
I feel,
is just as temporary
as full stomached satisfaction
and the hearts that melt in our hugs.

We’re always turning
our heads away
in the wrong direction,
looking ‘neath the flowers
at thorny torment,
glancing above the cookies
to see more space in the jar,
only growing
to get over.

What sounds inside
takes me to task,
with every silver lining
don’t tell me
you don’t see the clouds?
To which I say,
I do,
but that isn’t
what the sky is about.

I wonder then,
that when I say,
the world is a tad sweeter
with you in it,
and that you live
in someone’s smile,
and mine,
will you believe it?
If only for a short while,
that you’re a gift
worth every dime
and life has wanted you,
and waited a long,
long time to love you.

From the book – Fine Tangled Strands