About the Author

Utsa Seth often muses over her being raised by a village. Living in an extended family and studying at the Rishi Valley School where J. Krishnamurti’s philosophies and a non-competitive holistic education have helped her form a fearless and empathetic worldview for herself.

Utsa deeply connects with nature, people, and animals, all forming her ever-evolving community. She is often found atop her favourite tamarind tree, reading a book, writing, singing, or just observing.

She has a keen interest in fundamental sciences, gender issues, alternative economics, environment, law, and human behaviour. She is fond of deep listening and conversations with people of all ages.

She likes to divide her time meaningfully between academics and on-ground projects, allowing her to expand her horizon.

Well, the village child is out finding her own world village, and offering glimpses of her journey through her writings.