Author’s Note

For me, the birth of a poem is both undeniably random and incredibly beautiful. How does it happen? Most often they are born out of my observations; sometimes of things and people and other times of my thoughts. Each poem has a story, besides the one, it chooses to tell. The story of an epiphany, a walk underneath the trees, or a night on which I couldn’t sleep. Sometimes they start off as a few lines that show up at my doorstep, and as I play with them for weeks or months, they slowly give way to the verse.
Alive, I will walk through life; meet new people and see new places. These experiences could even turn all I’ve ever known upside down. With my first book, I invite you on my writing journey, and it would be most true to say, there is no journey I look forward to more than this one.

Utsa Seth
September 2021